New Member Tutorial

New Member Tutorial

What is our job/role?

To become a partner of Allianz, you only need to choose a money-making product that suits you in Allianz, and you can get fixed income without any risk. Moreover, after working and studying at Allianz for a period of time, you will find that Allianz is a diversified platform. We provide each member with a platform to start a business and gain wealth.

How to register an Allianz account?

Click on the registration link

1. Enter phone number

2. Click Send (fill in the received SMS verification code)

3. Do not modify the invitation code

4. Set the login password

5. Click Register

How to buy goods?

After the recharge is complete, click [Product] [Select the desired product] [Click to recharge wallet] [Confirm].

How to earn income?

[Personal] [Received].

The machine income is generated after 00:00 every morning, and the income of the day is collected.

How to invite friends?

[Personal][Invitation Link][Click to copy] and send the invitation link to your friends.

How to invite withdrawal?

[Personal][Withdrawal][Enter withdrawal amount].

How to claim the bonus?

[Copy Bonus Code][Personal][Gift Redemption][Paste Bonus Code].

If you do not understand the above content, please contact your regional manager. Thank you again for your trust and support to Allianz International. We will continue to work hard to do better.