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Even though it's compact and quiet running, it still has a powerful sucking action that clean surfaces to perfection. And it's spray systems not only disinfect soiled areas but also dampens down dust.

The PS 300 has two variable speed brushes that scrub out debris directing it to apowerful central vacuum nozzle. The brushes are free-floating so they clean uneven surfaces thoroughly.

Even on Hills the PS300 brushes continue to hug the ground maintaining top cleaning efficiency. In one go they sweep up at 48 inches wide.

It's sweeps and vacuums have difficult littered with ease - dirt, cigarette butts, bottles, spilled food, broken glass, dog feces, rope, cloth, and wood.

It all gets compacted in a 30-gallon collection chamber whose reusable bag can be changed in seconds. 

Finger took controls easy to read gauges give complete and instant mastery of the sweeper.

The PS 300 travels at speeds of up to six and a half miles an hour and can run for eight to ten hours on a single tank of diesel fuel.

The seat can be stowed away and the machine can be used as a walk behind when pedestrian traffic gets heavy. Even in crowded areas, the operator and pedestrians can be at ease. 

The PS 300 is state-of-the-art its unobstructed view makes it easy to maneuver around people, and it can mount and dismount sidewalks no problem. Bright safety lights make the sweeper highly visible at all times.

The PS 300 is a whiz at cleaning building lines it sweeps vacuums and disinfects corners and other hard-to-reach areas effortlessly. It cleans walkways overgrown by hedges or bushes without harming the plants.

For greater safety or easier operation it can be controlled from either side.

With the PS 300 sweeping up litter and dirt from under street benches is a cinch. No more of the old bending down and reaching with a broom and shovel.

Only a walk behind sweeper like the PS300 cleans difficult food spills effectively. There's also a handy wander hose. I use it for those difficult spots the sweeper can't reach.

It's great for cleaning doorways, tree wells, flowerbeds, and areas between and under
parked cars. It can clean bus shelters and other hard to reach areas in a flash.

When people see and hear the PS 300 they're reminded that our local government is there for them keeping our city healthy and clean.

With the PS300 patented filtration system, dust particles as small as 2 microns are trapped in four panels containing over 265 square feet of filter media. This keeps dust to an absolute minimum. 

Litter doesn't pass through the fan on the PS 300 so you get Jam free operation and a lifetime warranty on both fan and casing.

The PS300's quiet and economical 14 horsepower Kubota water-cooled diesel engine has the easiest access in the industry and that can be a real time-saver.

Total downtime required to clean both filters and exterior is 15 minutes - no tools needed.

Local business people also like the PS 300 it creates a clean healthy environment that attracts customers to the community.



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