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Madvac CN200

Madvac, manufacturers of the most comprehensive range of sweeping equipment, introduces the newly enhanced CN 200 compact sweeper. 

Designed to operate within the confines of crowded city environments, the CN 200 is engineered for ease of use outstanding performance and low cost of ownership.

The CN 200 is the most compact model in its class giving access to areas other machines can't reach.

Its small dimensions and short wheelbase allow excellent maneuverability around street furniture and parked cars.

This new addition to the Madvac range delivers unbeatable power and productivity with sweeping speeds of up to 10 miles per hour, and transit speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, maximizing productive time on-site.

Strong suction performance at low engine rpm minimizes wear on key components and significantly reduces fuel consumption.

With a 2.3 cubic yard hopper capacity Matt vac sweepers are built to meet the toughest cleaning challenges with a powerful wet environmentally friendly Detroit Diesel engine.

The CN 200's low noise operation also makes it suitable for use and built up highly populated areas.

The cn2 hundred features independently controlled front brushes.

The brush arms include forward impact shock absorbers in case of a collision, and low-profile hydraulic motors.

From the comfort of a high-visibility cab the operator has unrivaled control of the brush speed position and ground pressure.

The unique sweet gear configuration and reverse sweeping feature ensure the efficient clearance of debris from beneath cars, benches, and other obstacles allowing complete clearance of 90-degree corners, blind alleys, and dead ends.

Part of the CN 200 superior cleanup performance is due to the optional wander hose.

12 feet in length or a longer reach the wander hose is turntable mounted for supreme maneuverability, with a low-profile design that gives unrivaled access to difficult to reach areas.

The CM 200 has the dimensions to cope with all the challenges of a busy city workday with
superior maneuverability to gain access to every part of the urban environment.

Compact and powerful it is fully equipped to operate where most machines can't.

Forklift truck technology is also employed to achieve a steering lock of 80 degrees.

This combined with a small wheel base makes the CN 200 extremely maneuverable without the need for a complicated four-wheel or articulated steering system - an uncomplicated design simple to operate and therefore inherently more reliable.

The durable industrial tires on the CN 200 are ideally suited to their task more rugged than many competitors tires they are ideal for tackling the aggressive tasks these machines meet every day like curb climbing.

In addition, these tires have a very large footprint reducing the machines ground pressure and making them ideally suited to the cleaning of delicate surfaces.

The CN 200s optional high-pressure hand lance has a 30-foot recoiling hose for increased reach with easy and convenient operation.

The hand lance is also equipped with both fan and jetting nozzles for the removal of fine and heavier debris.

An optional rear mounted camera system with in-cab monitor gives the operator and improved view of the rear of the vehicle, which can be a time saver for intricate reverse maneuvers and provides a valuable safety measure in busy environments.

The 59 inch discharge height of the CN 200 is more than adequate for dumping into containers.

Two powerful hydraulic cylinders ensure that the hopper reaches its tipping height in a stable manner, with high visibility, automatically engaging safety props fitted as standard.

The CN 200 features a spacious walkthrough cab laid out to make the unit simple and comfortable to operate.

Fully integrated cab controls are clustered according to function and the large glazed area gives excellent visibility.

In addition, optional glide suspension gives the CN200 operator exceptional ride comfort.

The large glazed areas in the CN200 also give the operator unparalleled views of the sweep gear, ensuring the machine can be operated safely around any potential hazards, while its environmentally friendly design means it meets PM10 dust emissions legislation.

Every element of the CN200 cab is designed to maximize operator efficiency and minimize fatigue.

The palm rest unit is conveniently situated to give the operator easy access to fingertip control, and precision operation of the CN200 sleeping functions from a single keypad.

The nozzle aperture can be conveniently adjusted from within the cab allowing for the efficient collection of bulky material.

The CN200's can view system displays information on the status of all the machines functions on an in-cab screen... from operational data like engine speed, to service information, even details of any intermittent faults.

As part of Madvac's commitment to minimum downtime, the CN 200's key components are easily accessible for efficient maintenance.

Simple components and systems facilitate rapid servicing, making it one of the easiest machines to maintain in its class.

Built for performance, operator comfort, and low operating cost the CN200 compact sweeper gives you unbeatable power and productivity in a small maneuverable machine for even the most crowded and busiest city environments.


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