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Madvac CN100

There's a small revolution sweeping the world today it's called the Madvac CN100.

And while it may be small in stature it's big on visibility, safety, efficiency and performance.

The Madvac CN100 is ideal for a variety of demanding tasks, whether it's a shopping mall, hospital, university, or urban center.

This high profile cleaning machine sweeps and vacuums streets sidewalks and walkways, alleyways, bike paths, parking lots, and the CN 100 is as effective on cobblestone streets as it is on asphalt surfaces.

Nothing hinders this exceptionally versatile machine from performing its cleaning duties everywhere, every day.

The CN100 is highly operator friendly too.

The incredible visibility is the first thing you notice about the CN100.

The brushes are visible at all times so the operator can feel secure when moving in and around cars and people.

And the 200 degree rear view makes this a truly safe vehicle.

The CN100 is built for safety and designed for comfort.

The adjustable seat until steering make it easy to get comfortable, and the optional air-conditioning keeps the cab cool on the hottest days.

There's a stereo radio cassette to make workdays more pleasant.

When it's not hot enough to run the AC you simply open the pop-up roof, even when the vehicle is in motion.

Comforts like these simply add to the CN100's productivity.

Don't let its compact size fool you.

This sweeper has a huge capacity for cleaning large areas and picking up massive quantities of debris.

The CN100 can sweep and clean 105 thousand square feet an hour, and it's high capacity hi dub hopper keeps this sweeper on the road long after the others have gone back to the garage.

And because the CN100 can maintain Road speeds of up to 16 miles per hour, it can cover more area in less time.

Handling is effortless and easy to learn in just a few minutes.

The joysticks provides complete control over the brushes and adjust angle and height for whatever road situation or debris.

Another great feature of the CN-100 is the huge three-stage dust filtration system.

The filter is available as small as two microns to catch the smallest particles of dust and dirt, and that ensures the machine driver and passers-by are not subjected to the clouds of dust that accompany a lot of other sweepers.

The sweet path can be adjusted from 44 inches to 84 inches for easy cleaning of tight paths and wide streets or parking lots.

And it's super sharp turning radius makes it ideal for coldest axe circles or any small areas.

Since the CN100 is lightweight and only 76 inches high it's easy to maneuver in and around trees and objects or any difficult or delicate area that needs a thorough cleaning.

The Madvac CN100 is designed to be as easy to maintain as it is to operate.

The total access control panels allow mechanics to get to work quickly and easily.

The vacuum system fan is guaranteed for life, while the large capacity stainless steel hopper is resistant to abrasions and corrosion.

The Madvac CN100 covers a lot of territory and so little time.

Best of all operators report feeling a lot less fatigued at the end of the day.

That may have something to do with the satisfaction of doing a good job for the taxpayers and keeping the environment clean for everyone.

The CN 100 may be a compact machine but it makes a big contribution to the quality of life wherever it works.



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